Opening up the Bible can be trickier than it looks – as many of us have discovered when we have sat down to study it in depth or prepare sermons or Bible studies or any other ministry using the Bible. It does not take long to work out that we need reliable guides to help us understand what we read. But how do we find the reliable guides to help us interpret the text?

This study group begins in January 2024
Places are limited, pre-registration closes 8 December 2023.

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About this study group

Opening Up the Bible is designed to help you become and grow as a reliable guide. Biblical scholars of all persuasions, much as they disagree about the interpretation of certain texts, are on the whole agreed about the best methods of opening up the Bible for the life of faith, mission and ministry.

 The study group will take you through and begins to train you in these basic methods as well as introducing you to the kinds of resources you can use to open up the Bible reliably for your own growth in faith as well as encouraging your fellow Christians in faith, mission and ministry.

 Our aim is to start you on the journey of making the most of biblical scholarship in your own life of faith and in ministry. It introduces scholarly methods in an easy-to-relate-to and approachable way which helps you to see how they make the meaning of biblical texts much easier to grasp.