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    Grow in your everyday faith and become a confident disciple by joining one of three learning pathways from the Diocese of Oxford. 

    This learning hub is open to everyone in the Diocese of Oxford and the content is designed to be accessible to all. 

    The learning pathways below are free of charge and there are no mandatory assignments for you to complete.

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    Learning Pathways

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    Work through topics at your own pace at a time that suits you. Each section includes a film, questions and something to reflect on. Allow 3 hours per topic.

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    Going Deeper

    Learn online at your own pace, or as part of a local group exploring five or six sessions together. Going deeper courses take around 15 hours to complete.

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    Study Groups

    Study groups take place each term. They are open to all and designed to be accessible to everyone in the church. Allow for 40 hours of study over 8–10 weeks.